At NYC PEV, we have virtually every part to rebuild one of our electric scooters. Need a tire set, just give us a call. Here you will find the most common accessories for the Dualtron Electric Scooters. If you have a suggestion for another vender we should get in touch with, please send us a message. Your feedback is more than welcome.

  • Add that last finishing touch to your Dualtron with these all new CarbonRevo aluminum washers.  These washers are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and are matched up with long lasting stainless steel bolts.
  • Replacement brake pads for all scooters.  Price is for one pair which will do one brake caliper.  You will need two pairs to replace pads on the whole scooter.
  • We stock replacement tires for every scooter we sell.  Contact us for tires from previous model years.
  • CarbonRevo's high quality aluminum alloy stem allows fitment of aftermarket handlebars on your Dualtron Scooters.
  • In the unfortunate event of a fall, these sliders will protect the side covers and deck of your Dualtron scooter from scratches.
  • The Motoscooter Sealant Formula is specifically designed for smaller inner city motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, electric bikes and motorized rickshaws. It is for motorcycles and electric bikes that cruise at a maximum of 60 mph (97 km/h). It works very well in tube and tubeless tires, although the efficiency in tube tires is lower as tubes can tear when punctured. No dosage tables are needed, 4-ounces is all that is needed to protect the tires of any Dualtron or Speedway scooter.
  • Add an extra charger to your Dualtron to cut your charging time in half or replace your lost or broken charger.Please make sure the replacement charger is the same voltage as your current charger. Do not use a charger not compatible with your scooter.
  • This kiddy bar for the Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron 3 allow you to mount a camera or extra lights on your scooter.
  • New CarbonRevo deck liners for the Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron 3.  These are added between the original deck and the scooter frame.  Not only do they look cool, but they also protect your scooter should you fall.
  • Dial in your ride with these replaceable suspension cartridges.  These cartridges fit the Thunder, Dualtron 3, and Compact and price is for one cartridge.  To install, remove swing arm and suspension cap and slide in the new cartridge.
  • Laser cut for the Dualtron Thunder, Ultra, and Dualtron 3 , cover to be installed on the original deck, washers are not included and must be purchased separately
  • This Kiddy Bar is the perfect accessory to mount extra lights to your scooter and can double up a place to hang a bag or even a handlebar for kids.
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