Mantis Pro Plus [2021]


A superior electric scooter for inner-city travel and off-road, the Mantis PRO is here with the new 2021 model in-stock and ready to ship nation-wide. Featuring a flexible suspension frame, this multi-terrain scooter is capable of suppressing speed bumps and pot-holes, off-road dirt riding. Available in-stock, in Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver.

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*Our electric scooters are limited to 15mph by a speed limiting wire to comply with DOT regulations and insurance requirements.  Tampering with the speed limiting wire is discouraged and may be unlawful. New York state residents must pay state tax if shipping or picking up from our shop.


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  • Net Weight: 65 lbs.

  • Top Speed: 45 MPH

  • Range: Up To 55 Miles

  • Weight Limit: 265 Lbs

  • Tire Sizes: Both Air tires 10″ x 3″

  • Battery: Guaranteed Authentic LG/Samsung Li-Ion 60V 24.5Ah

  • Brakes: Zoom full hydraulic brakes

  • Suspension: Front and Rear Spring Arms

  • Dimensions: See image
  • Motor: 2 motors – 1000w BLDC each, front and rear wheel drive

  • Display: Genuine Minimotors EYE-LCD display

  • Manufacturer: Kaabo

  • Country of Origin: China

Flexible and Durable Frame

Pot-holes and speed bumps are no match for the Mantis’ highly flexible and durable frame. Highly absorbent suspension means having peace-of-mind when travelling through rough paths.

EYE-LCD Display

The Mantis Pro uses a genuine Minimotors EYE LCD Display commonly found in Dualtron Electric scooter models. It adds even more functionality and couples nicely with the optional fingerprint reader.

Overtake with Ease

The riders spoke and Kaabo listened. The new 2021 model acceleration responsiveness has been a key improvement of the newer model giving you that “dart” sensation. Overtaking has never been so easy with the New Mantis Pro.

Genuine LG/Samsung Batteries

Advancements of LG/Samsung batteries has lead to the new 2021 model to be more responsive to your controls, and also offers new error correction technology.

Feature Video

This demonstrational video shows the Mantis’ capabilities of overtaking, off-road capabilities, and overall durability. Please note this video portrays the 2019 model. There are some overall slight differences in the 2021 model.

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs

Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Gold

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